Monday, 8 June 2009

Baby Shower Favours

I've been busy making up a batch of baby cupcake shower favours! Little 1st size nappies, in cupcake cases with baby themed picks from the U.S on the top! These also make a lovely gift for a new Mum, when packed in a bakery box & tied with the back of the photo, you will see my baby vest whipped ice creams, again in cupcake holders with a weaning spoon in the "ice cream" vest....

You'll find a large range of my baby gifts in the lovely Be Be Store in Holywood, Co.Down. Nappycakes and other gifts are in stock there, but orders can be taken for the "cake" of your choice to be made up for you!

For that little extra gift for the new Mum, I have created these little ladies socks cupcakes!